Customizable staff paper

My Daughter is taking guitar lessons and she was assigned to write a little song and write it out in standard notation.  I knew that I could get staff paper from the Internet in PDF or gif/jpg format but I stumbled upon a site that gave me even more options.

The site that I found is  There, you can customize your staves to fit your needs.  First, you start with a blank sheet and go from there.  There are options to add more staves and connect them for piano or ensemble pieces and to add add tab to your project.  One feature that I liked, in particular, was the ability to adjust the size of my staves.  In my case, I needed to enlarge it to make it easier for her to write her piece.  Once you are finished with the customization, they give you the option to save it for future use (requires registration).  If you don’t need/want to customize, they have pre-configured staff paper available for you to use as well.  It’s as easy as customize and print.  I great resource for any songwriter.

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