Guitar Musings on YouTube

I have threatened and promised that I would put something on YouTube for the past year but have yet to do anything, until now.   Finally got the right take and a good recording of me playing Tommy Emmanuel’s Dixie McGuire.  Hope you like and I plan on doing more.  Any requests? : )

I hope you enjoy!

Notes:  The tab I used was the same that I wrote about in my Tommy Emmannel Tabs post.    Also, there is quite a bit of flexibility required for this song, especially between the index and middle finger on on your fretting hand.   I found that the stretching exercises in John Petrucci’s Rock Discipline were very helpful.  Are there any you would recommend?

One thought on “Guitar Musings on YouTube

  1. WOW!!!

    That was sooooooooo worth the wait!

    I am floored. My god, you are talented and TOTALLY professional. The dexterity and ease of mobility that you have is remarkable. I am sitting here just grinning and seriously blown away.

    Now you know what I’m going to say next: “MORE MORE MORE!!!!” Lol! I would love to hear this every time. You asked for requests; do you have any songs that you’ve composed. Any bit of music? Anything that is yours. I would LOVE to hear that also.

    But I would just love to hear more. You are extremely talented and so clear and professional. I’m sitting here shaking my head; I just can’t get over what I just saw. And YES! You definitely have to do your own CD. Absolutely!! You MUST. It’s not even an issue of whether to or not. It just a matter of WHEN.

    You really rock. I cannot encourage you enough!
    I am honored, touched and totally inspired.
    Thank you SOOOO much Larry.

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