Sweet Spot

Quick Tip:

Find a place in your home with decent acoustics.  The most popular places are bathrooms but my favorite is a small hallway between my kitchen and dining room.  Once you find a good spot, just play.  It would be a good idea to have your guitar strapped on so you can walk around to find the “sweet spot.”   You will know when you hit that spot because the sound of the guitar suddenly surrounds you.  There, you have a place to provide real time feedback on your playing.  A wonderful practice tool, as well as an experience.  Try this from time to time, not only to critique your playing but to enjoy it as well. 

What I suggest isn’t anything new but can be forgotten, especially when we can plug in to an amp at almost anytime.  Give being truly unplugged a shot and here your instrument’s true sound.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Spot

  1. Hi Larry! I laughed out loud over this, because I thought I was the only one who did this. Reading this made me feel SOOOOO happy!! I take my Native American flute into the bathroom and play and one of my friends thought I was bonkers. Or I also play in the hallway between my office and the bedroom. I LOVE the way the sound, as you say, wraps around you and becomes so rich and full. I was tickled that you, an expert, would write about something that I did intuitively because I liked the richness of sound in those areas of my house. So cool!

    Great and fun post!!

  2. Thanks Robin. I would love to hear some of your flute playing. Will be looking for it on your blogs.

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