Think Your Have That Song Nailed? Record it

Been working on Tommy Emmanuel’s Dixie MacGuire for some time and thought I finally had it performance ready.  So much so, I’m attempting to record it and post on YouTube, thinking I would give this Internet performance thing a try.  Anyway, two tries and and an hour and a half later, I find out that I don’t know the song as well as I thought.  If you read my last post on learning a song, you will see that I’m stuck on step 3.  This setback is a bit frustrating but I think these past two recording sessions have also been very productive.  With the camera on me, I have to focus a bit more and those little mistakes I ignored earlier can’t escape the camera and I must bite the bullet and work it out.  It’s making me a better player but I’m impatient and want to get something worth posting.  Hopefully soon so keep an eye out for me YouTube debut!

Sidenote:  If you are Posting to YouTube, what are you using to record? I’m using  the Flip Video portable video recorder.  It’s a solid unit for a starter but will want to upgrade sometime because I would like plug in a microphone.

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