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Guitar Musings on YouTube

by Larry
Video of me playing Dixie McGuire

I have threatened and promised that I would put something on YouTube for the past year but have yet to do anything, until now.   Finally got the right take and a good recording of me playing Tommy Emmanuel’s Dixie McGuire.  Hope you like and I plan on doing more.  Any requests? : )

I hope you enjoy!

Notes:  The tab I used was the same that I wrote about in my Tommy Emmannel Tabs post.    Also, there is quite a bit of flexibility required for this song, especially between the index and middle finger on on your fretting hand.   I found that the stretching exercises in John Petrucci’s Rock Discipline were very helpful.  Are there any you would recommend?

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Robin Easton May 10, 2009 - 11:43 am


That was sooooooooo worth the wait!

I am floored. My god, you are talented and TOTALLY professional. The dexterity and ease of mobility that you have is remarkable. I am sitting here just grinning and seriously blown away.

Now you know what I’m going to say next: “MORE MORE MORE!!!!” Lol! I would love to hear this every time. You asked for requests; do you have any songs that you’ve composed. Any bit of music? Anything that is yours. I would LOVE to hear that also.

But I would just love to hear more. You are extremely talented and so clear and professional. I’m sitting here shaking my head; I just can’t get over what I just saw. And YES! You definitely have to do your own CD. Absolutely!! You MUST. It’s not even an issue of whether to or not. It just a matter of WHEN.

You really rock. I cannot encourage you enough!
I am honored, touched and totally inspired.
Thank you SOOOO much Larry.


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