Pumpkin Guitar

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Les Paul Guitar Pumpkin Carved by Guitar Musings Today, in our household, is pumpkin day because it just isn’t Halloween unless you carve up a few pumpkins.  There are so many stencils out there, you can create almost any kind of likeness you want on your pumpkin.

Maybe not….

This year I wanted to do a guitar themed carving but for the life of me, I couldn’t find any stencils at all, except one.  It’s a Les Paul type of stencil and not as hard to do as I thought. Halloween 2008 Pumpkins Now that I have carved my first guitar, I think I might be able to work out an acoustic version next time.  If anyone has found any good guitar stencils for pumpkin carving, please leave a comment and share where we can get them.

Happy Halloween!


10.18.2011 – Update:  the old stencils I used for this post is no longer valid.  Below is a link to a stencil for not only the guitar but Les Paul himself.  


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