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Getting Back Into Gear

by Larry
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Been Distracted:

If you have followed Guitar Musings in the past, you have probably stopped reading the blog because there hasn’t been a post in months.  This has been for a number of reasons; some personal and others professional. Anyway, I’m trying to get myself back on track;  with my playing and my writing.  

Surround Yourself:

I have found that, even though I play for many hours, I don’t practice.  I’m just noodling on the guitar but not learning or polishing my craft.  Some of that has to do with me being a bit lazy/uninspired and not knowing what to do.  That is why I signed up for lessons with a local teacher and am completely excited for my first lesson.  I have heard great entrepreneurs say that if you want to keep the energy of your new venture going, surround yourself with other entrepreneurs.   Doing this will keep the energy up and you will be more likely to succeed.  I’m doing the same by surrounding myself with other guitar players.  Just the thought of playing on a regular basis has gotten my creative juices flowing.  I can’t wait.

Are you surrounding yourself with other players to keep you going?  Reading this blog or going to a guitar related forum isn’t the same.  We need to have the contact of other musicians.  Whether it’s a lesson, jamming with friends or just going to a concert, try feeding your guitar soul a bit and the music will begin to flow.

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Robin Easton February 2, 2010 - 11:07 am

Dear Larry, So good to see you here!!! So happy to hear what you are doing with lessons. And you are SO right about this; it is great advice for any venture or interest we have. Especially if things are stressful, we are bogged down with work or life or anything. It gives us the focus and impetus and inspiration to be able to do the things we really love…regardless of WHAT life is throwing at us.

I just felt HAPPY reading this. I thought, “YES!!! Good for you Larry!” It sounds like a really smart move. And I am just happy for you and rooting for you…always. I am working on putting together some vocals, songs I composed years ago but want to put in a bit better format and improve the sound track. My problem is finding the time to do it while getting my book ready for publication. BUT one thing I don’t do is give up on it. I just keep doing it when I can in between. So you really inspired me here today. Thank you for that my good friend. Hugs, Robin 🙂


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