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Take your guitar everywhere with your iPhone

by Larry

I’ve seen on twitter and other forums that guitarist (including myself) lament over [ad#125-125-floatright] the fact that they don’t have their guitar with them.  Well, your lonely days are over!  All you need is buy an iPhone and jailbreak it.  Below, is a video of someone doing their best to play us a Beatles medley with their new guitarpod and I’m sure that you can see that our steal and nylon stringed companions won’t have to worry about getting replaced by this “Guitar Hero” for the iPhone.  Anyway,  I could see someone eventually getting pretty good at playing the iGuitar and will have a nice little gimmick in an act or at parties.  I also see a nice little tool that could help you work out a melody that was stuck in your head or working on chords.  Will this be enough for me to hack my iPhone? I think not.  My iTouch….. well…..  Nah.  I’ll just stick to playing the real thing.

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