United Breaks Guitars

Came across the video below on YouTube. I’ve only flown with my guitar once and that was pre-911 when you could bring your guitar as a carry on. This is a fine example of why you need to invest in a good flight case and insure your guitars. I agree with the lyrics, they are liable and it sad to see that customer service is pretty much dead in the airline industry. This is a pretty catchy song too and well written. I don’t think this would have been as effective if it wasn’t so well written but it looks like he might get his claim fulfilled (see links below) after all the attention this song has gotten.

United Breaks Guitars Lyrics

I flew United Airlines on the way to Nebraska
The plane departed Halifax connecting in Chicago’s O’Hare
While on the ground, the passengers said from the seat behind me
“My God! They’re throwing guitars out there.”

The band and exchanged a look, best described as terror
At the action on the tarmac and knowing who’s projectiles these would be
So before I left Chicago, I alerted three employees
Who showed complete indifference towards me


United, United
You broke my Taylor guitar
United, United
Some big help you are
You broke it, you should fix it
You’re liable, just admit it
I should have flown with someone else or
Cause United Breaks Guitars!

When we landed in Nebraska, I confirmed what I suspected
My Taylor had been the victim of a vicious act of malice at O’Hare
So began a year long saga of pass the buck don’t ask me
And I’m sorry sir your claim can go nowhere

So to all the airlines people from New York To New Dehli
Including kind Miss Irlweg who says the final word from them is no
I’ve heard all your excuses and chased your wild gooses
And say this attitude of yours, I say, must go


Well I won’t say I will never fly with you again cause maybe
To save the world, I probably would but that won’t likely happen
And if it did, I wouldn’t bring my luggage
Cause you’d just go and break it
Into a thousand pieces
Just like you broke my heart
When United Breaks Guitars!

Yeah United breaks guitars – End


http://davecarrollmusic.com/story/united-breaks-guitars (back story by the artist)

LA Times story on how Carroll might get some satisfaction from United.

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