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New Years Guitar Resolution

by Larry

Happy New Year!!!!  It’s, once again, time to make a resolution like lose weight or learn a language and promptly break it.  Last year, my resolution was to start this blog and so far it’s been everything I could hope for.  Thanks to all for reading and commenting on my articles.  This year, I have many personal resolutions but a few do pertain to the guitar and this blog.

  1. Post more to Guitar Musings:  I apologize that I haven’t posted much in the past month but there will be more posts in the future and am excited to move into Guitar Musing’s second year.  Also, if you have any requests, please contact me with your idea and I’ll see what I can do.
  2. Get some playing recorded, both tape and video.  As my friend Hercules states: “I gotta push that big red button.”
  3. Learn the fingerboard:  Acoustic Guitar Magazine has a great article on how to learn the finger board and know what notes you are playing.  Also, http://www.guitarcardio.com/ is a great place to do this as well.
  4. Be proud of my playing and don’t be too critical on what I do.  It inhibits my progression of becoming a better player.

I’m pretty sure this will keep me busy for a while. What are your guitar resolutions for 2009?

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MacNichol Guitars January 11, 2009 - 9:54 am

#4 is one that I struggle with, and I think that almost everybody struggles with. I think almost all of us have an “aw, shucks, I’m not that good” response to friends/family who are wowed by what we can do, but since we’re always looking forward or comparing ourselves to maestros, it never seems enough.


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