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Nail Envy For The Guitarist

by Larry

In a past post about guitarist nail care, I threatened that I might try Nail Envy to strengthen my nails, avoid chips and breakages.  I finally followed through with my Twitter threats and bought both Nail Envy original and matte.

After the first application, I immediately noticed the difference in strength of my nails.  It not only protects my nails from cracking and breaking, I have noticed the tone in my playing has improved with a fuller sound similar to using an extra thick guitar pick.  I’m able to attack the strings with authority and without worry.  Nail Envy leaves a shiny finish, once applied so if that is something that concerns you, buy the matte.  That’s what I did because I got tired of all the “girly” nail jokes and seriously, my nails were reflecting light like mirror. The matte finish is just as effective as the original, in strength, but applying it requires more patience.  It takes a bit longer to dry and until then it has a rubbery like consistency for about an hour or so and was easy to scuff or damage during that time.   After it completely dries, no problems at all.

Definitely give Nail Envy some consideration if you need to strengthen your nails.  I have been using for 3 weeks now and am completely satisfied with the results.

Update(12.2.08):  After a few weeks of using this product I thought I would give a followup.  Still working  well but keep in mind that there will be a build up on your nails and you will have to occasionally use fingernail polish remover to clean your nails and re-apply Nail Envy. Also, the matte finish tends to yellow over time so if keep that in mind as well.


Nail Envy Original Finish  *note.  I cannot find the original finish anymore.  Anyone have any luck finding this?
Nail Envy Matte Finish

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1 comment

Robin Easton November 22, 2008 - 12:12 pm

Oh!!!! Larry I know that this is a “for real” post and one that I am going use the advice of since I am trying to re-learn my steel string guitar and am having horrible problems with my nails. They are SOOOOOOOOO thin even though I take minerals and calcium and silica etc to try and strengthen them. They keep cracking and splitting and the string can cut right through them…so this is VERY VERY COOL!!!

BUT BUT BUT….. I laughed my head OFF over this post!!!

It is SO well written and hysterical. It is the perfect add for Nail Envy. You should contact them or at the least send this to them (with a copyright on it) and I bet they would use it. Make them pay you for it though. It ROCKS!!! It’s totally informational, it’s beyond funny and it’s punchy and tight!! It’s one of the best brief bits of writing I’ve seen on ANY topic!!!

And who would have thought for guitar players. I bet they’ve never thought of THAT!!!

Just a pure delight!! I’m still laughing and also excited to try this. I would use matte too as I’m not a nail polish woman.

Wonderful job Larry,


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