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My Beat: The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn Thoughts

by Larry

As you may know, I’m a huge Bruce Cockburn fan and when I discovered the documentary, “My Beat: The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn” at Amazon, I had to have it.  A brilliant documentary that gives just a bit of insight into the genius of Bruce Cockburn and his writing process.

Highlights include:

  • Studio footage of Bruce working with Andy Milne and Dapp Theory in his pursuit of overcoming writers block.
  • Concert footage from when her got his first break to the Breakfast at New Orleans, Dinner at Timbuktu tour.
  • Witnessing the birth of  “Postcards from Cambodia”  from “You’ve Never Seen Everything.”  He was working through the lyrics and music for this song and tried out the chorus for the first time on camera.  Truly moving to watch.

If you are an aspiring song writer or just someone who loves the music of Bruce Cockburn, this documentary is highly recommended.  From interviews with friends and family and words from Bruce himself, you will learn just a bit more about this modern day troubadour.

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