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Outdoor Guitar Lesson

by Larry

I was sitting on the porch enjoying another beautiful Colorado evening and decided to bring out the guitar for the first time this Spring.  I have to say that a change in venue, as little as it seems, really does help get the creative juices flowing.  Playing outdoors gave me some new ideas and my playing felt fresh.  I was reminded of a couple issues, however, that I fight with constantly.

  1. I need to make a real attempt to finish/develop an idea.  I was playing well and was happy but I was playing a bunch of licks and nothing else.  My playing was all over the place.
  2. When playing a song, I must finish it.  My wife noted that I will play the first minute or so and then stop.  It definitely annoys her and is a pretty big reason why I struggle with the endings of songs.

One more lesson worth noting, not on the list, but still worth mentioning is that Adirondack chairs were not made for guitar players.  They are comfortable but there is no way to play a guitar with those arm rests getting in the way.  Regardless, it was a good guitar day and it’s days like this that motivate me to keep on playing.

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