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Martin "Fingerstyle" SP Strings

by Larry

Just got finished re-stringing my Martin with a set of Martin Fingerstyle SP Strings I found in my office.   Wasn’t impressed when I first tried these out but the second go around was a little less disappointing.   First impression was that they sounded a bit shallow and tinty on the high end. After trying them a second time I find their tone still lacks something but maybe not as bad as I first thought.  Would I recommend these strings? Probably not because I don’t see the benefit in the “fingerstyle” label it has.  I asked the music store and they really couldn’t give me a answer on why these are better for fingerstyle players and after playing them, I couldn’t either.  I think I will just stick to my normal Martin SP Guitar Strings .  They have been solid for me the last couple of years and don’t see any reason to switch.

What’s your favorite strings?  Do you go for price, brand or whatever is available?

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