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Top Quality Guitar Lessons For Free

by Larry

Guitar LessonsThere are a ton of guitar lesson sites available for all of us to use.  Some are invaluable tools that I frequent often and others are completely worthless.  If you don’t have the money to pay for online lessons, your chances of running into a worthless site are even better.   I don’t actively look for site to rate but I have stumbled across this and felt it worth a mention.

A guitarist by the name of Rob Bourassa is giving a “7 week primer” on YouTube which will “..enable the student to learn to play by ear.”  It is a course with a weekly lesson video and 5 minute practice companions to help you stay on task.  The first 3 courses covers scales and and fingerpicking (Travis).  I’m running through the lessons myself because I’m curious on what the lessons will bring and  my daughter is learning the guitar and he has great insight on teaching.  Rob has been playing for 40 years and is an incredible guitarist and is a  frequent contributor to the Acoustic Guitar Magazine Forum.  

So if you are just learning or know someone who is, check it out.  What Rob has done is incredibly generous.  Lessons like these would cost thirty to forty dollars if you wanted to get it on DVD.

Rob’s YouTube Lessons

7 Week Lesson Forum Thread

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