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Tommy Emmanuel Live, Disc 1 Thoughts

by Larry

“This is acoustic music, in your face…” is the introduction on the first track on Tommy Emmanuel’s  “Live, Center Stage” CD1.  Was that a prediction or a warning?  Either way, Tommy didn’t disappoint with his 2nd live double CD set in three years.


  • The Mix:  Every song on CD1 was engineered to perfection.  From Tommy’s playing to the just the right mix of crow noise makes you feel like your there at times.
  • Nine Pound Hammer:  Great improv solo much like Guitar Boogie.  At one point, Tommy is playing guitar with one hand a moving baseline on the other.   Oh yeah, he’s singing on top of all that.
  • And So it Goes:  Beautiful arrangement of a timeless Billy Joel song.  This performance just might bring a tear to ones eye.
  • I Go to Rio:  Just love that he plays this.  It’s partially because I performed this in Jr. High choir and he does an awesome job with it.
  • Beatles Medley:  Not the best one that I’ve heard but it’s still worth mentioning.  He does like to mix it up so this version had “Here Comes the Sun”, “When I’m Sixty Four”, “Day Tripper” and “Lady Madonna.”

No “lowlights” that I could find.  Some of the Tommy detractors might not enjoy some of the rhythmic montages that Tommy has been known to get into.  I believe he goes into a three or so minute rhythmic trance during Mombasa.  If you don’t already have it, get it.  If you’re still wondering and waiting, my thoughts on CD2 will posted soon.

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