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Tommy Emmanuel Live! On sale April 29th

by Larry

Tommy Emmanuel Live CDGood news for all of us TE fans out there!  A new live 2 CD set, “Center Stage,”  is set to be released April 29th.   Recorded October 2007 in California, “Center Stage” is a compilation of 3 nights recording and the word is that there is a HD DVD coming in the following.   According to CDP, some previously un-recorded songs will be featured like “Ruby Eyes.”


1. The Finger Lakes
2. Papa George
3. Train To Dusseldorf
4. I Go To Rio
5. Nine Pound Hammer
6. Old Town
7. And So It Goes
8. Jolly Swagman
9. Sukiyaki
10. Happy Hours
11. Ruby’s Eyes
12. Beatles Medley
13. Mombasa
1. Workin’ Man Blues
2. Georgia On My Mind
3. House of the Risin’ Sun
4. Amazing Grace
5. Story of Little Boy
6. Tall Fiddler
7. Cowboy’s Dream
8. Morning Aire
9. Initiation
10. Lenny Bro’
11. Questions


Certified Guitar Player is pre-selling “Center Stage” for $15.95.  I’ve already placed my order, have you?

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