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Bruce Cockburn in Denver

by Larry

After a long night of great music at the Swallow Hill Folk and Roots Festival in Denver, Bruce Cockburn was the last to play.  We had quite a long wait after Nanci Griffith’s set, probably about 45 minutes.  Good thing the emcee’s Harry Tuft, Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore had quite a few songs in the repertoire to keep us entertained.  But we were ready for Bruce and he was finally on stage, just him 3 guitars and a mic.

The show started off a bit tough because the mix was a bit hot and Bruce even mentioned it and asked for the mix to be turned down a bit.  A few songs in, the mix was pretty much dialed in and we were on our way.  As always Bruce’s playing was spot on and that thumb never quits.  Had some great solos on “Stolen Land” and “If a Tree Falls” and surprised me with “Kit Carson” and “Trouble with Normal.   Ended the night with “Rouler sa Bosse” and “Tie Me at the Crossroads.”

Great show by Bruce, one of the better shows that I have seen him do.  The only thing that was different about Bruce, this time was that he didn’t really converse with the crowd all that much.  He would respond to some of the comments the audience made but wouldn’t offer anything on his own like he usually does.  So sometimes there was an awkward silence when he was tuning or switching guitars.  Maybe because of the long delay before he went on, bad day, etc…  Who knows?  Either way, his performance was awesome and he never fails to deliver.

Set List

  1. Last Night of the World
  2. See You Tomorrow
  3. Lovers in a Dangerous Time
  4. Pacing the Cage (wow!)
  5. Trouble With Normal
  6. Stolen Land
  7. Kit Carson
  8. Put it in Your Heart
  9. If a Tree Falls
  10. Wondering Where the Lions Are


  1. Rouler Sa Boss
  2. Tie Me at the Crossroads

Other Bruce Cockburn Concerts I have reviewed:

  1. 7.22.03  Boulder Theatre  – Boulder, Colorado (First time I saw Bruce Live)
  2. 10.30.05 Gothic Theatre – Denver, Colorado (solo)
  3. 8.17.06 Chautauqua Auditorium – Boulder, Colorado (Sarah Harmer, opening act)
  4. 8.18.06 Denver Botanic Gardens (Sarah Harmer, opening act)

* I also was at the the November 12, 2003 show at the Paramount Theatre in Denver but didn’t leave submit a review.  Should-of though because he did a version of “Stolen Land” on electric guitar that was amazing.  I remember thinking that he was channeling the spirit of Jimi Hendrix during that song

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