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by Larry

I just purchased “The Acoustic Guitar: Adjustment, Care, Maintenance, and Repair,” (thoughts on book in upcoming posts).  Mainly because I want to be able to make the necessary adjustments to my instrument without having to take it into a shop all the time.   Some might want to work on their own guitar as well but others would rather give it to a professional but how can you find a good repair shop in your area?

I have a new friend through Twitter who provides great help in finding such guitar repair shops.  It is repairmyguitar.com, which is a searchable database of repair shops throughout the United States.  All you need to do is visit the site, choose your city, state and you will be given a list of local repair shops.  I would say the list is pretty decent for the areas that I looked up and I’m sure that it is growing everyday.  In the future, I hope to see an option to search for luthiers.

If you are looking to repair, setup or just do some standard maintenance on your guitar, check out repairmyguitar.com and find a local shop.  They currently have a promotion where if you can win $50 if you submit a review of a shop that you used.  Reviews will give us even more confidence in using this search tool.  If you own a shop or repair guitars, visit the site and get listed, it’s free and a invaluable tool to promote your business.


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