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Classical Will Set You Free

by Larry

Classical Guitar Position In previous posts, I have complained about miscellaneous aches and pains that I have been experiencing from playing so much.  It became apparent to me that the only time I would get relief was to not play and lay off of the computer for a few days.

The little light came on above my head and I had an idea when watching Muriel Anderson on YouTube.  I noticed that she was using the classical position using a foot rest or crossing her legs.  Trying to emulate Tommy Emmanuel’s style of both feet on the ground stomping away,  I strayed away from using the classical position.  My foot stool collected dust while my aches and pains began to grow.  The guitar wasn’t supported well enough and I had a tendency to slip on my lap.  I would then contort my body to keep it steady which put a lot of pressure on my arms and back.  After a few songs, I noticed that I began to ache and needed a break.  The frustration as began to grow as well.

After my moment of enlightenment I dusted off the old foot stool and began to play the classical way.  I immediately noticed the difference and was able to play a lot longer and was able to relax.  I have to keep in mind that I always play a bit better when I make a change so we’ll see how this holds up in a week or two.  I’m pretty hopeful that my aches and pains will subside.  Will keep you posted.

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