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Hercules – Singularity

by Larry

OK, so I’ve started this blog and here is one of the reasons why.  My best friend, Hercules (yes that is his real name) Castro, has recently released a CD called “Singularity.”  The thing you need to know about this is that he recorded all of this himself in his home studio. I’m talking all the drum tracks, bass, guitar, keyboards, etc…   Corey Brown provides his vocals for 2 tracks on the release but other than that, Hercules does it all and does it well.   The music on this CD covers many genres, from blues, electronica and progressive and all are at a high technical level.   One of my favorite tunes is called “Pulse Detonation.”  This song is fast, I mean really fast and the funny thing about this is that I didn’t really care for speed when we were younger. I would always say that feel is better than speed but I didn’t realize that you can have both and this song exemplifies this.

So after watching him going throught the creation process, it really inspired me to work harder at my playing and just being creative (hence this blog).  I also did the photography and artwork for the CD which helped spark my passion for creation.  It is also a great example of what independent musicians are accomplishing by themselves.   So if you like progressive rock, blues, electronica, etc… I would recommend giving “Singularity” a listen.  I know you won’t be disapointed.  

http://www.herculescastro.com   (Links to CDbaby, digstation and itunes available there)

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