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Bruce Cockburn in Denver: Follow up

by Larry

In a previous post, I did a review of Bruce Cockburn’s performance at the Swallow Hill Folk and Roots Festival last March.  I also posted my report to CockburnProject.net and found an interesting addition to my review by someone called Audrey.   Audrey had some really good “inside” information regarding the circumstances surrounding Bruce’s performance.  Apparently, Bruce’s normal stage crew wasn’t there to set his rig and so there was a bunch of “fiddling” around trying to figure out what was wrong and Bruce’s in ear monitor was also on the fritz.    Plus, with the long delay Bruce had to keep focused because there was a curfew and if they went over that curfew, there would be fines.   Therefore the reason why Bruce wasn’t engaging the audience like I mentions.   Anyway, thanks to Audrey for shedding some light on the situation and knowing what I know now, I’m even more grateful for Bruce’s performance.  He could have thrown in the towel and just showed up but he still played a great show.  THANKS Bruce!

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